Let people charge where they usually park, rather than having to park specifically to charge. Make your parking lot more attractive by having enough chargers for all visitors.

Why install chargers?

  • Increased attraction for guests: Having charging opportunities makes you more appealing to EV owners.
  • Future-proofing: With more and more new cars being electric, as the number of electric vehicles on the roads continues to rise, establishing charging stations will contribute to future-proofing your business and meeting a growing demand.
  • Efficient use of charging points: Through dynamic load management, you can reduce costs and prevent energy peaks efficiently.
  • Additional source of income: Regardless of the funding model you choose, you will always benefit from a share of the net revenue.
  • Green reputation: Implementing charging stations showcases your commitment to the environment and sustainability, which in turn appeals to environmentally-conscious guests.
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Why Wattif´s smart charging system?

  • You can prioritise the order in which cars can charge, preventing network overloads.
  • You gain a comprehensive overview of power usage, costs, and revenue through centralised control of all chargers.
  • Troubleshooting, rebooting, and maintenance are managed through cloud-based solutions.
  • We construct scalable charging facilities, making it easy to install more chargers if needs change.


Wattif EV offers one of the most flexible funding solutions in the market, where all parties get a share of the revenue.

We don’t want a lack of funding to be a barrier for installing chargers. We can provide everything from taking care of the entire funding for you to a simple subscription-based solution. As the customer, you decide what works best for you.

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