There are now more than 115,000+ EVs on the road in Ireland and Northern Ireland combined, and a growing number of golf tourists and members are looking for courses where they can park and recharge while they play.  Wattif EV  is a one stop shop for all EV charging needs. Providing end to end services from funding through to installation, smart upgrades, management and maintenance. Switch to emobility today.

Why Wattif?

  • We provide hassle-free access to charging infrastructure and services, to turn parking spaces into charging spaces.
  • We provide the simplest solution for our customers and the end user. Working at a pace to reduce complexity and only give smart solutions.

  • We can fund all or part of the investment cost of the project. You decide which solution works best. And the net revenue is shared in accordance with the chosen funding model.

  • No administration for you. We are responsible for ensuring that the chargers work as they should.

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Funding options

  • Fully funded: a turnkey solution, including funding, hardware, charge point installation and management, maintenance and customer support.
  • A fixed cost solution whereby you can choose the level of investment and fix a monthly fee for the on-going operations and maintenance.
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How to get started?

  • All car parks are different. We tailor the solution to your starting point and needs.
  • Already have chargers? No worries. If your chargers are outdated, we can switch them with smart chargers. If you want someone to operate them, we can operate, maintain and ensure that your users are satisfied.
  • Please fill out the form below to indicate your expression of interest. A member of our team will then contact you to start the process.



Wattif at the Motorist

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