Funded Smart Charging

Wattif EV UK and Wattif EV Ireland have entered into a strategic partnership with Rolec EV, whereby Wattif has been appointed their preferred funding partner for Rolec EV customers.  Rolec is offering its customers Wattif’s 100% fully funded and 50% part-funded options to enable more customers to either install chargers for the first time, upgrade their current chargers to smart chargers, or to increase the number of chargers they currently have.

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Funding options

Rolec EV will be offering two funding options to their customers:

  • Turnkey solution: a fully funded complete turnkey solution, including hardware, charge point installation, maintenance and software; meaning no risk of investment for the business.
  • Joint venture: Wattif EV shares the upfront capital cost. Wattif EV takes responsibility for installation, maintenance and operation but, as equal partners, net revenue will be shared equally with the customer. 
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  • Name: Frankie Mellon
  • Position: Sales Director
  • Company: Rolec EV
Frankie Mellon

The collaboration makes us able to provide a variety of funding options to our customer base, with a focus on making the adoption of EV infrastructure more accessible to the wider market.

  • Name: Steve Rees
  • Position: Managing Director
  • Company: Wattif EV
Steve Rees

Rolec's smart EV charging hardware, combined with Wattif's turnkey solution and funding options, is the perfect solution to enable everyone to install and operate EV charging in their car park.

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About Rolec

Rolec Services Ltd is a multidivisional manufacturer, specialising in the EV charging, marina services and leisure industries. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor electrical equipment, Rolec is well established within its respective industries for its vast product range and wealth of experience.

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Our Nordic heritage

Wattif EV is a Norwegian infrastructure company with a global market, headquartered in Bergen. The company has contracts covering around one million parking spaces in Europe.  Wattif recently secured €50m initial funding from Marguerite, one of Europe’s leading sustainability infrastructure investment fund managers.


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