Established in Høyanger, Norway, with its 120-year legacy in clean, renewable energy, Wattif EV gives customers and partners the chance to be part of Europe’s most sustainable EV solutions.

Wattif EV makes going green simple

The future is electric, and access to electricity is key to reducing our fossil footprint. The EU estimates that in 2030 we will need 3 million public chargers for electric vehicles. This means 14 times as many chargers will be needed compared to what there is today. Wattif EV believes the need will be greater.

For Wattif EV, this means creating an infrastructure that allows everyone to charge, everywhere. Instead of installing a small number of rapid chargers, Wattif believes in supplying a high number of destination chargers in locations where your car will be parked for longer periods of time.

In other words, you should be able to charge where you park, instead of parking to charge.

By using smart technology , Wattif can optimise the usage of the power grid, making destination charging the best option – both for you and the environment.

Wattif EV has incorporated sustainability as an intrinsic part of its business strategy. Some of its initiatives include: