What happens if the charger isn’t working?

Check you have scanned the correct QR code or entered the charger ID number correctly. If that still doesn’t work, call our customer service number on 01975968032.

If you have already attempted to start a charge and have not been successful, please disconnect the charger from your vehicle and try the following steps:

If you are starting a charge using a RFID card, please disconnect the charger from your vehicle and try the following steps:


How do I release a stuck cable?

If you are unable to release the cable at the end of a charge session, please wait up to 1 min as the charge point may need to ‘time out’ after the session has ended. If you are still unable to release the cable:

If the above fails please contact our customer service team on 01975968032.


Why can’t I log into my account?

Please check that the email address you entered matches the email address registered on your account and the password is correct.

If the password is incorrect please click the forgotten password link and you will receive a reset password email. Alternatively call the helpline number (+441975968032) and someone will be able to reset your password for you.

If you have not received your verification email or your reset password email please check your junk/spam folder (if using a mail app on a smart phone, you may need to login on a browser to access the email).

If you are unable to resolve the issue please contact our team on helpUK@wattifev.com


If I have a query or a complaint, where can I write to?

For all enquiries other than for immediate assistance whilst charging please email helpUK@wattifev.com