Wattif EV AS guarantees the right of privacy and protection of your private data and we ensure this by taking the highest measures when handling and collecting any private user data, in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the National legislation of Norway.

This Privacy Policy is valid for all natural persons – users/customers of Wattif EV’s services.

Operator’s Details

Wattif EV AS
Reg. No: 928054705
Address: Tollbodallmenningen 1B, 5004 Bergen, Norway
Phone: +4794798363
E-mail: info@wattifev.com

When collecting and handling any private data of its users/customers Wattif EV follows strict standards with regards to the privacy, security and protection of the collected/handled private user data. The company has implemented the necessary organisational and technical measures to avoid any unwarranted access, loss or unauthorised use of your private data.

Privacy Policy Information and Updates

You can access the Privacy Policy at our website: www.wattifev.com/privacy.

In compliance with EU and National regulation, we enforce this Privacy Policy, which describes the way we collect and handle user data, the purpose and reasons as well as the third parties (if any) that it is shared with.

The following Privacy Policy describes the way Wattif EV collects, handles and archives any private data that may identify you – the user of Wattif EV services, specifically the website app.wattifev.com and the mobile app Wattif EV (both for Android and iOS).

We may regularly and without prior notice update this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes to the way we collect and handle private data or to comply to new legislation. Should there be any changes made to the Privacy Policy, we are going to publish the updated Policy on our website and notify you either via e-mail or with a message in the mobile app.

Types of private data that we collect:

Personal contact information:
The name and, in some cases, the address, phone and e-mail of the user.

Payment details:
Information about the payment methods used and transaction history within our system. In the case with payment details – no card data is stored in the app.

Service usage data:
Place, time and duration of the services used.

Only within the context of the service used – we keep a record of the locations where the charging service has been used, but we do NOT track the location of our users.

Messages to and from Wattif EV:
Any messages that a user sends to the contact e-mail or any other messages that the user sends to us, as well as the ones Wattif EV sends to the user.

Behavioural data:
The OS, browser and device type used by the user.

Data sources

Some of the data is provided by the user during the registration process and/or when requesting to use a service provided by Wattif EV.

Behavioural data, usage data and other data related to the way the user uses our services is collected in an automated manner and through system logs.

Third-party sources – public databases and registries.

How we use the data

The collected data is used only in the context of the services provided by Wattif EV to the user. Data may be used to identify the user, contact the user, providing adequate support and improving the service provided to the user.

Sharing data with third-parties

As a rule, Wattif EV doesn’t share data with parties outside the EU. Anonymised usage data is shared with third-parties that provide analysis and intelligence tools with regards to improving the provided services.

Data required for fulfilling contractual obligations and providing a service to the user may be provided to third-party operators in the case when the user is using a charge point of another operator that has a roaming agreement with Wattif EV.

As per the requirements outlined in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, personal data may be disclosed to public authorities in accordance with a legal obligation for the exercise of their official mission, such as tax and customs authorities, financial investigation units, independent administrative authorities, or financial market authorities responsible for the regulation and supervision of securities markets, if that is necessary for them to carry out a particular inquiry in the general interest, in accordance with Union or Member State law.

Time limit for personal data storage

Physical copies of contracts and other documents containing personal data are stored for 10 (ten) years after the end of the contractual obligation between Wattif EV and the user.

Personal data, collected during the signup process are stored for as long as your account is active.

What are your rights?

You have the right to receive information at any time about:

To request any of this information, you can contact Wattif EV and we will provide it within no more than 30 days.

If your private data stored by us is inaccurate, you can request that we make the necessary corrections.

At any time you can formally withdraw your consent with regards to collecting or handling your private data, in which case we will remove all your private data from our records.

You can request that we provide all your private data that we store in a structured format.