Wattif EV Destination Charging is a service offered and managed by Wattif EV AS with registration number 928 054 705 (“Wattif EV”).

Wattif EV offers charging service for owners of hybrid and electrical cars. Charging of your vehicle at Wattif EV charging station (the “Service”) is made available in the app by Wattif EV or our partners charge point operators (the “CPO”)

Your access and use of the Service are subject to these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”).


  1. Access to the Service

1.1 Authorized users

Users must be 18 years of age in order to use the Service. Your access to the Service is personal, and by giving third parties access to the Service you are fully responsible, both legally and financially, as well as fully responsible for the use being in compliance with the Terms. You are also responsible for ensuring that those who use the Services on your behalf, are familiar with the Terms.

In order to gain access to Wattif EV destination charging, you must first create a user account. Creation of a user account is done directly in the app or it can be prepared. The app is available for download through Appstore and Google Play as Wattif Ev – Destination charging (the “App”).

The creation of a user account requires registration of certain personal data. To identify you, we may use your telephone number or e-mail address to verify your account either by an SMS or e-mail containing a unique code that provide access. To complete Charging Sessions (defined below), payment must be made via the wallet or payment card instantly. The card has to be registered in the App, and can be used to top the wallet. Currently Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Please note that the card details are not stored in the App. They are stored with the payment provider; Stripe LTD which is PCI DSS compliant (International standard for payment security).

Once a user account has been created and the Terms have been accepted, the Services are made available. This includes access to the Services provided by Wattif EV and CPO. Available Charging Points (“CP”) and any conditions applicable for a Charging Session will be visible in the App at all times.

When using navigate to CP in the App, the navigation apps installed on the device are shown. Wattif EV have no responsibility for route planned or chosen.


  1. Terms of use of Wattif EV Destination charging

Wattif EV has been developed to create optimal charging experience for the user. All users of Wattif EV destination charging are therefore obliged to only use the Service in accordance with its purpose and shall at all times refrain from:

  1. Decompiling or otherwise attempting to obtain or access the source code of the software components in the App.
  2. Using the App to send any kind of unsolicited messages.
  3. Extracting or otherwise collecting other users’ information or data without their consent.
  4. Transferring or posting illegal, immoral, libellous, offensive, threatening, vulgar or obscene material.
  5. Transferring material containing software viruses or malicious software code, files, scripts or programs.
  6. Interfering with or undermining the integrity of the App or information stored therein.
  7. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the App or certain parts of the App.
  8. Interfering with other users’ use of the App, or
  9. Other irregular use of the purposes that are contrary to law or these Terms.


  1. Payment and Prices for Charging Sessions

3.1 Payment terms

Payment for Charging sessions is done directly through the App by immediate debit or reservation of payment on the user’s account after the Charging Session has ended. Charging will not be possible without a valid card or positive balance in the wallet. If the user is without account coverage after Charging Session, or there are other factors that prevent correct payment, Wattif EV reserves the right to send an invoice with a payment due date. In the event of non-payment, Wattif EV also reserves the right to block parts of the entire Service without further notice.

All your Destination Charging Sessions, including charging and payment history, will be available in your user account in the App.

The current starting price will be visible in the App before you start a Charging Session. The price may vary depending on the cost of electricity and other factors during the Charging Session. As Wattif EV may provide access to CP outside Wattif EV’s network with different CPO, the final price will vary depending on the CPO’s prices and length of the Charging Session. At the end of the Charging Session, the final price is made visible in the App. Depending on country specific requirements there may be other information available as well.


Our e-wallet is called the User Balance, and it functions as a virtual amount of money that users can use to pay for their charging sessions. Adding money to the User Balance can be done in several ways, such as purchasing a Top-up package, redeeming a voucher or a promo code. If a user has both a balance and one or more credit cards available, the system will always prioritize using the balance first. The User Balance offers a convenient and secure way for users to manage their funds and pay for charging sessions with ease. Refund of the balance from a wallet is possible, but will incur fees.


  1. Additional services

Wattif EV may offer additional services to the user like parking or other services related to electrical vehicle, parking and charging. Depending on the use pattern and user history, the user may be offered bonus, promotions and other benefits.


  1. User responsibility

The User is responsible for his user account. This means that you must keep the information stored in your user account up to date and protect your account from unauthorized access, especially by keeping your password safe and inaccessible to third parties. We therefore assume that all actions performed in the App are done by you, and that your information stored within the App is correct. Should you still experience any suspicious activity on your account, please contact us immediately by using the information given in section 8 Communication.

Users must ensure that Charging Sessions are performed according to instructions given in the App or at the CP. When it comes to Charging Sessions, please note that Wattif EV may not have entered into agreements with those who own the properties where the CPs are located, and that some CPs may be located in areas where special parking rules apply. Users are therefore always responsible for checking and complying with the parking rules at each CP.


  1. Limitation of Liability

Wattif EV does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to the Service. To the extent that it is practical, we try to provide information about reduced availability. Wattif EV cannot be held responsible for the Service temporarily being either completely or partially unavailable due to maintenance or other reasons, and Wattif EV makes no warranties for function and availability. Wattif EV will, to the extent that is practical, try to provide information about reduced availability. Wattif EV cannot be held responsible for any consequences, damages or losses as a result of the Service not being available.

During a Charging Session, Wattif EV assumes that the User’s vehicle, including charging port and plug, battery and other components of the vehicle relevant to the Charging Session works without any problems. These matters are beyond Wattif EV’s control, and we are therefore not responsible for any damage to the vehicle that may occur during a Charging Session.

Wattif EV will only compensate for direct losses due to the use of the Service as a direct consequence of gross negligence from Wattif EV. Wattif EV is under no circumstances responsible for indirect losses.


  1. Processing of Personal Data

In order to offer the Service, Wattif EV must process personal data about you and other users of the Service. You will find information about how Wattif EV processes your personal data while using the Service in Wattif EV’s Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement is available at https://wattifev.com/wattif-ev-privacy-policy


  1. Communication

For any problems at the charging station, users can call customer support:


SWE: +46 771-555 100
GBR: +44 1975968032
DEU: +4932221851798
NOR: +47 329 94 424
AUT: +43720116340
IRL: +353818005213


  1. Change of Terms

At times Wattif EV will need to make changes in these Terms, for example due to technological developments, new functionality or changes in payment terms. Some changes may be made without notifying you. However, we will notify about changes that have an impact on your use of Wattif EV within reasonable time before the change is implemented.


  1. Right to Withdrawal

You have the right of withdrawal from any agreement made with us. The right of withdrawal applies for 14 days from the day you entered into the agreement. Use the following email addresses to inform us if you wish to withdraw:

Austria: helpaut@wattifev.com
Germany: helpdeu@wattifev.com
UK: helpgbr@wattifev.com
Ireland helpirl@wattifev.com
Sweden: helpswe@wattifev.com
Norway: helpnor@wattifev.com

You will still be able to use our app to charge your vehicle immediately after you enter into an agreement with us.

You agree that you will not get a withdrawal on power consumed, and other services you may have used before you invoked the right of withdrawal. If you have already started to use the app at the time of your withdrawal from the agreement, Wattif EV reserves the right to demand that you cover all direct costs incurred when using the Service, and that any discounts you have received as a result of using the Service are taken into account in the final statement.


  1. Choice of Law and Resolution of Disputes

The Terms are subject to and must be interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law.

If a dispute arises between the User and Wattif EV, an attempt must be made first to solve the case amicably. If an amicable agreement cannot be reached, the dispute may be brought before the Norwegian Consumer Council, who can process the case between you and Wattif EV. If you would like to make a complaint to the Norwegian Consumer Council, please refer to the following webpage: https://www.forbrukerradet.no/klageguide/.Alternatively, the dispute may be brought before the ordinary courts of Norway, with Bergen District Court as first instance.