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About Wattif

Wattif EV is an end-to-end provider and a key enabler in the global shift to EV mobility. It is a Norwegian-founded company with a global market arena. Being Norwegian, Wattif has the insight and experience of a trailblazing country, ahead of the curve, where up to 90% of new car sales are electric.

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Business model

Wattif EV provides cost-effective, profitable solutions for land-owners, businesses and local authorities to enable them to be a key player in the provision of an EV charging infrastructure with ever-growing market demand. Our flexible profit sharing model makes this an attractive solution for any sector.

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Markets and customers

Wattif EV has representation in UK, The Nordics, Germany and the Netherlands. Customers are varied and comprise property owners, hotels. healthcare providers, shopping centers, offices, commuter parking and on-street parking.

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Our in-house developed software is compatible with a wide range of available hardware,  providing hassle-free solutions for EV owners in need of charging. No apps, no data entry. A simple scan and you’re ready to go.

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