Welcome to Allia Future Business Centre, Cambridge Campus. Based in the north of the city, this purpose built Future Business Centre campus provides flexible workspace, meeting rooms & networking, all within two environmentally focused building. There are 6 chargers at this location, which is available for tenants and their visitors and the general public at certain times of the day.

For first time users, please download the Wattif EV UK app via your app store:

Download app (App store)

Here you can download Wattif EVs charging app (Apple)


Download app (Google Play)

Here you can download Wattif EVs charging app (Android)



  1. Download the app
  2. Follow the instructions to register an account.
  3. Scan the QR code on the charger


  1. Lift the socket cover and connect the EV plug to the EV socket.
  2. Connect the EV connector to the car.
  3. The charger will illuminate blue to show the car is charging.
  4. If RFID is activated, briefly hold the RFID card in front of the RFID reader to initiate charging.


  1. Go into the Wattif EV UK app, and select ‘Stop Charging’
  2. Disconnect the EV connector from the car
  3. Disconnect the EV plug from the EV socket.



If, for whatever reason, the QR codes aren’t working as they should. Please go onto the app and type in the relevant code below corresponding to your charger number.



Feedback? If you’d like to provide us with some feedback, please go to https://forms.office.com/e/LBAbptSsBQ to complete a 2 minute survey.

eBox Instructions

The ring will flash blue when your vehicle starts to charge.
It will turn green when charging is finished.

If the red light flashes on the charger, please report it immediately to the Customer Helpline on +441975968032



The chargers at this location can charge up to 22kW.

You will need to download the Wattif EV UK app to be able to charge.

If you are a visitor to the site, please contact reception on xx

For FAQs, please go to the FAQ section on the Wattif EV UK app.

Type 2 charging stations normally don’t have a cable so you will need to use your own.

Prices are available on the Wattif EV UK app and may change without notice.

If you want to change your personal details, log into the app, click on the menu and select your name at the top of the  list. Select ‘Edit’, update your details and click on ‘Save Changes’.

Receipts are available via the Charging History section on the app and download from there.

For all queries other than charging at the charge point, please email helpUK@wattifev.com. The customer service call centre cannot help with queries other than those relating to the charger itself or resetting account passwords.