Choose from a turnkey solution, joint-venture or software-only packages; whichever suits you best. With high purchasing power and economies of scale, Wattif ensures costs are competitive and standards are high.

Turnkey Solution

Wattif EV takes on all responsibility for the EV charging point installation, maintenance and funding. Wattif will manage and own the charging asset, enabling long-term customer relationships and continuous revenue streams.

Here, there is no Capex required and no worries for the customer.

Joint venture

Wattif EV takes on joint responsibility for the ownership of the EV charging point and offers funding to suit you. Wattif EV will take responsibility for operations and maintenance, whilst sharing revenue equally with the customer.

This solution is ideal for a landowner, if they have the funding for installation themselves.


The customers covers all investment costs whilst Wattif has responsibility for operations and maintenance. Revenues are shared accordingly.

This package is perfect for anyone who may have already ventured down the route of investing in chargers but may wish to use a specialist to manage the operational side.

Advantages of partnering with Wattif EV

TURNKEY SOLUTION – We offer a turnkey solution for EV charging. We cover the entire value chain – from development and installation, to operation, billing and customer service.

FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITYWe can finance all or part of the investment cost of the project.You decide which solution works best for you.

NET REVENUE SHARING – Even if you don’t invest a single penny, we still share the net revenue. In short; no investment, no worries and we share the revenue.

NO ADMINISTRATIONWe are responsible for ensuring that the chargers always work as they should, so you can focus on your core business.

USER FRIENDLY – Straightforward software solution that is hassle-free and easy to use.

SIMPLE BUSINESS MODEL – Easy to understand partnership concept with few barriers.

TECHNOLOGICAL FLEXIBILITY – Hardware agnostic, enabling flexible charger selection.